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"Imagine a composition like a poem where each verse is attached to the other one, and they all together make something different, something bigger. Each one of this pieces tells a different story or talks about different aspects of personallity that connects directly with the human kind. Each talks of something or some one, and they all together are part of the whole at same time, ourselves."

Each composition of paintings come as a result of a three steps combination process, each working over different areas: the colors, the interpretation, and the space.

First step, the colors:

Taking care of the colors palette and creating the stain, aiming the harmony over all. This step is critical, because it leaves the water and the time as the vehicles of chance and create the spark and inspiration for each piece.

Second step, the interpretation: “Conception or expression of something personal.”

Based on the dried stain, each interpretation unconsciously acquires shape line by line, trapped by my own subjectivity and focus based on my observation of life at the moment. However, as we all are different, each artwork remains as an interpretation that continues to stay neutral and open by providing a different meaning to each individual based on their own experiences and observation of life.


Third step, the space:

Breaking the traditional way for displaying the artwork on the space by seeking a more organic and natural displaying on the space of exhibition. Also, by separating the artwork into pieces so it can be flexed and adjusted to different kinds of spaces. As a result, this flexibility allows the composition to have large formats when displayed, and to be easily compacted to travel at same time.
This artworks create a ludic environment where the stain is both part and inspiration of the drawing, expressing it's alteration and transmitting the possibility of change; because, everything can change.
Interpretation #92

Interpretation #92

“So, where are we going?” Polyptych #01 - 10 pieces - 40” x 80”/ 100 x 200 cm Mixed technical, gouache and acrylic on canvas / técnica mixta, gouache y acrílico sobre tela.

Interpretation #96

Interpretation #96

"They will come as one" Polyptych #02 - 14 pieces - 47" x 111" / 120cm x 280cm Mixed technical, gouache and acrylic on canvas / técnica mixta, gouache y acrílico sobre tela.