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I was born and raised into an art gallery in Montevideo Uruguay in 1982 as a 3rd generation frame master. After years of working over canvas, and being educated in visual arts, architecture and animation; in 2013 I started a transition into large scale murals as well as relocating myself in Miami, Florida. After 9 years of development there, I created my own style called "dotting" which is basically to use color strokes that layer after layer give shape to anything I would like to paint, from nature to portraits, my style is unique and versatile at same time. Now, I am relocated in New York, writing a new chapter in my life, aiming to keep spreading the word of my art from the big apple😊.


2022: The Bronx, working as a Lead Teaching Artist for Creative Art Works, in a Summer Art Program in New York, leading a team of Teaching Artists and a group of 25 youths to create, present, and install a large scale commissioned mural at P.S.171 at Crotona Park, in The Bronx.

2021: Miami Beach, U.S.A. Mural Contest Winner - "A wave from the past"

Mural tribute to those celebrities that contribute with the identity of Miami Beach in the Twenty Century. Featuring Jayne Mansfield, Gianni Versace, Muhammad Ali, Jackie Gleason, and Prince.


2020, Miami, U.S.A. Been selected by Act+Action “Come To Your Census” Billboard Campaign, powered by The Ford Fundation, to design the artwork for one of the billboards in Miami, Florida, in order to boost the engagement with the community. Artwork: “From heart”


2018, Miami, U.S.A. Hired by Facebook to represent the Miamian vibe and spirit during the Facebook community boost. The wide format artwork (6’x12’), after been exhibited during the whole duration of the event, it was donated to a local charity for it to enjoy it. Artwork: “We hear you”


2017, Milan, Italy. Been selected to represent Uruguay among other international artists to participate of a Live Painting exhibition and a permanent adquisition of the final artwork by M.A.F. (Aqua Franca Museum) under the slogan “Purity” in conmemoration of the excellent work the purifiaction water plant of this city have been perfomed during the past years. Artwork: Interpretation #161: Nature’s water filter.


2016, Baltimore, U.S.A. Hired by B.O.P.A. (Baltimore Office of Promotions and the Arts) to perform a large scale project. My task was to lead a group of youths and interns to design, present, and install a large format mural at all the rolling doors of both sides of 1800 Pennsylvania Ave in a 5 weeks frame time, experience of which I gratefully took under my wind in order to succesfully perform it with the youths of that community. Artwork: “The Baltimore we want to see”.


2012, Montevideo, Uruguay. Pro bono mural in order to improve a Public High School's facades (Zorrilla High School) in an educational, social and artistic way.  The main goal of this art work was to stop the vandalism and to beautify the area, and so far, it has exceeded the expectations. Its design represents a detailed and positive way of seen this city (the city of which I have growed up) in a near future.
Artwork: Montevideo as a model city




2019: “BAM” Brewing Art Miami, Little River, Miami, FL.
2019: Art Bousa Kick off Basel Week, live painting exhibition, Little River, Miami, FL.
2019: “We Pop” Pop art exhibition, We Work, Coral Gables, Mami, FL.
2018: W Hotel Fort Lauderdale, Live Painting exhibition, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
2018: Facebook Community Boost, James L. King Center, Miami, Fl.
2018: “True Colors”, Group Exhibition, Artserve, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
2018: “RED EYE BEYOND”, Group Exhibition, Artserve, Fort Lauderdale, FL. 
2018: “Noche Mágica”, Group Exhibition, Hotel Doubletree, Downtown Miami, FL.
2018: Biannual Art Exhibition, Group Exhibition, 409 Gallery, Hallendel Beach, FL.

2018: Del Río de los Pájaros Pintados, EL BUNKER, Miami, FL

2017: Spectrum and Red Dot Art Show, Art Basel week, Miami, FL.
2017: “Artist for Export”, Group Exhibition, Uruguayan Embassy in Paris, France
2017: Museo Acqua Franca. Permanent exhibition International Live Painting Event, Depuratore Nosedo, Milan, Italy
2017: Hebrew Senor Life. Solo Live Painting Event, The breakers Hotel, Palm Beach, FL.
2017: “Color Synthesis”, at Village Design Art Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

2016: “Miami River Art Fair” during Art Basel week,

Miami Convention Center, Miami, FL.
2016: “Holyday BZZZAAR”, at HIVE Artspace, York, PA.
2016: “100 for 100”, at Creative York, York, PA.
2016: “Miniature Art Exhibit”, at HIVE Artspace, York, PA.
2016: “The Coral Gables Hispanic Cultural Festival”, Coral Gables, FL.

2016: Exhibition, “La Luz de la Gente” at Creative York, York, PA 
2014: Exhibition, “Art Fest @ Doral” at Carlos Albizu University. Doral, FL.
2012: Solo exhibition, at Unilatina International College. Miramar, FL.
2012: Exhibition, "Hispanic Heritage" at Elite Fine Art Galleries. Miami, FL.
2012: Exhibition, "Tendencies" at Elite Fine Art Galleries, Wynwood District.       Miami, FL.
2012: Exhibition, "International Summer Arts Festival" in MOA (Museum of the Americas) Miami FL.
2012: Exhibition, "Dallas Award" en SoDeVis (Society for the development of the visual arts Studio Gallery), Frisco,TX
2008: Solo exhibition “TECNICAMENTE” (“Technically”) at Maciel Public Hospital.
2007: Solo exhibition “realidades...” (“realities”) at Otros Años cultural space. URY
1997 and 1998: Group, under the aegis of Master Sergio Curto. URY



2020: Art+Action Billboard Census Campaign, Miami Fl. Powered by The Ford Fundation, selected among five other artists to display artworks on billboards across Florida promoting the 2020 Census.


2021: Mural Contest Winner - "A wave from the past" - Mural tribute
2014: Special mention in painting - Interpretation #91 - “The bearded superheroes to the rescue...” Art Fest @ Doral presented by Rotary Club. Miami - U.S.A.
2013: First Prize - For a cleaner world - Goes Inhabit mural contest- 4th edition.
2009: Intendencia Municipal de Soriano Award -“la visita” (“the visit”).
2° Painting Contest ISUSA.
2008: Third Finalist - Qualified to participate at the International contest held in Alicante, Spain - “mirame” - (“look at me”). MIRADAS, Tercera Bienal Nacional de Pintura.
2007: First Award - Painting - “esperando la comida” (“awaiting the food”) Salón Leonístico del Uruguay.
2005: Maritime School Award - “homenaje” (“tribute”). National Maritime Painting Contest.


Architecture: (group performance)
2012: Third prize. Architectural National Competition for the realization of new building of the Andean Development Corporation (CAF) and its urban environment.
2007: Third prize – [extrude] N.H.U.C. 2007
2006: Honorable mention - Barcode House. National Housing University Competition (N.H.U.C.) 2006.


Animation: (group performance)
2011: Selected among the ten best short films for national broadcast.
Audiovisual Marathon 6D - “MATINEE“



2015: Joined Miami Dade College - Associate Degree in Arts.
2014: Joined Unilatina international College – E.S.O.L.
2012: “INTENSA”, E.A.C. (contemporary art space), taught by Arch Daniel Fischer, P.I.P.A. (international program for artists)
2010: Joined the Institute for Animation Campus Professional 3D animation.
2005-2009: Norman Bottrill. Techniques: mixtures.
2003: Joined the Uruguayan Public Arquitecture University.
2002-2004: Clever Lara. Tecniche: oil.
2002: High School Graduated.
2000-2001: Dante Picarelli. Techniques: watercolor, acrylic.
1997-1999: Sergio Curto. Techniques: charcoal, chalk pastel and pencil.

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